SunChiller is a U.S. Distributor of Sunda Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe and Direct Flow Solar Thermal Collectors

SunChiller is a key U.S. distributor of Sunda Seido evacuated tube heat pipe and direct flow technology solar thermal collectors from Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of solar thermal energy collectors.

Solar Powered Cooling

SunChiller solar cooling systems efficiently and reliably utilize solar energy to produce chilled water by integrating solar thermal collectors, insulated thermal storage tanks and absorption chillers. Systems with this combination of mature technologies have been successfully deployed worldwide for decades. Facilities already equipped with chilled water distribution system are good candidates.

Solar Domestic Hot Water

Domestic hot water loads such as showers, kitchen, and laundry can benefit from cost-effective evacuated tube and direct systems that can greatly reduce the expense of generating hot water for a wide variety of applications.

Solar Radiant Heating

Radiant floor heating, wall-side radiators and heating fan coils can utilize solar thermal energy harvested by SunChiller solar thermal collectors. The existing conventional hot water system can remain and serve as an auxiliary/backup to the solar thermal system.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Solar thermal collectors can provide a longer heating season for outdoor and indoor pool heating systems. Year-round energy savings can be achieved by combining pool heating with domestic hot water and/or radiant floor heating systems. Integrating SunChiller solar thermal collectors into pergolas or arbors can turn these passive outdoor architectural features into hardworking renewable energy installations that fit seamlessly into commercial and residential swimming pool environments.

Breaking News: Sunda Seido Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Collectors and other SunChiller-provided equipment are prominently featured in PM Engineer Magazine's July 2012 Cover Story about a highly successful Near-Net Zero Energy project at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California -
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