About Sunchiller

SunChiller was founded by a team of experienced professionals to offer innovative solar cooling, heating, and hot water solutions to customers that are intense users of energy and air conditioning and are concerned about unpredictible energy pricing.

SunChiller’s high performance solar thermal technology offers hot water that can reach above 200ºF (93.3ºC), ideal for process heat. When used in conjunction with absorption chillers, the energy from this hot water can be used to create chilled water for air conditioning and other cooling applications.

We serve customers in public, private, commercial and residential sectors. We offer engineering expertise for design and installation of novel and cost-effective solar thermal systems.

In addition to designing and installing these systems for a diverse range of applications, SunChiller distributes SUNDA solar thermal collectors, solar thermal energy storage tanks and other solar thermal system-related products throughout the United States.

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