Hospitals use large amounts of energy for space cooling, space heating, showers, laundry, kitchen and physical therapy spa heating. SunChiller’s solar thermal energy systems can play a significant role in offsetting those loads cost-effectively.

Schools / Universities

Schools and universities are pioneers in implementing innovative green energy solutions, including innovative solar thermal energy systems. SunChiller has supplied solar thermal energy systems for generating hot water and chilled water for schools and universities throughout the U.S.

Hotels / Dormitories

Hotels and Dormitories are large users of domestic hot water, space cooling and space heating. SunChiller offers specific solutions utilizing evacuated tube and direct flow systems for these facilities, including swimming pool heating.

Multifamily Residences

Multifamily residences have significant, ongoing domestic hot water needs. SunChiller direct flow solar thermal collectors can be staged horizontally over flat roofs of multi-family buildings, enabling efficient and aesthetically compatible installations.


Restaurants need large amounts of high temperature hot water for dishwashing and other sanitizing applications. SunChiller solar thermal collectors can help restaurants cost-effectively meet these hot water needs.

Commercial Laundry

Commercial laundries use high volumes of high temperature hot water, an ideal application for utilizing easily scalable installations of SunChiller evacuated tube collectors.

Industrial / Process Heat

Industrial/process heat often utilizes high temperature hot water. SunChiller thermal solar collector systems are ideal for helping meet the demanding high temperature hot water needs typical of industrial/process applications.

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