Why SunChiller

SunChiller has been a U.S. distributor and strategic partner of SUNDA brand solar thermal collectors and related products since 2004.


Beijing Sunda Solar Energy Technology Company, Ltd., a worldwide leading manufacturer of evacuated tube and direct flow solar thermal collectors, was jointly founded by Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) and Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute in 1995. Sunda solar thermal collectors have been installed worldwide supplying domestic hot water, space cooling, space heating, pool heating, and industrial applications.

For pricing and delivery information on SUNDA solar thermal collectors and other solar thermal-related products, please contact us at:

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SunChiller has extensive experience designing and implementing innovative and cost-effective solar thermal solutions, including domestic hot water, space cooling, space heating, and pool heating. Projects using evacuated tube and direct flow solar thermal collectors supplied by SunChiller are operating successfully and reliably throughout the United States. Evacuated tube technology is deployed where there is an ongoing need for extremely hot water. Direct flow collectors are utilized where the ability to stage the collectors flat to match the roof line helps meet requirements for aesthetically-sensitive projects.

SunChiller solar thermal collector solutions create effective strategies for energy efficiency and energy demand reduction. When combined with widely accepted finance models, it can be significantly more cost-effective than conventional systems.

For those facilities that are intense users of air conditioning, finding an economical cooling system is essential to reducing costs and hedging against the growing risk of energy price spikes. SunChiller solar cooling systems integrate solar thermal collectors, thermal energy storage tanks and absorption chillers to meet cooling needs with a low cost of operation.

Solar thermal is a method that has been used for thousand of years to generate hot water utilizing free energy from the sun. Thermal energy tank storage is a proven method of storing hot water for long periods of time. Absorption chillers have been in use for decades for utilizing the energy of hot water to create chilled water. SunChiller combines the free energy from sun, cost effective solar thermal technology and reliable absorption chilling provide economical cooling and to diversify the sources of energy supply.

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